Personal Tattoo Design, Advice & Consultancy


"we don't do satisfactory... we only do stunning..."

Two Headed Dragon specialises in the design of art work for those who are  thinking about having a tattoo and advice about either what to have or how to go about making an idea for a tattoo a reality. THD started drawing tattoo designs in 2003, initially just as a favour for close friends but as the designs became real tattoos the requests for designs increased and resulted in the web site you find here.



Why use a specialist designer ?

For those of you considering your first tattoo the decision about "what and where" is an important one not only because it will be with you for a very long time but may have an influence on any future art work you undertake. The time and effort spent making the right choice will be reflected in the end result. It is a fact that many tattoo studios don't make any charge for the drawing for tattoo work done in their own studios but by necessity they can not put the time and effort into the design process that THD can. 

Using the skill and experience of  Two Headed Dragon will produce an individualistic piece of art work that will suit your character and reflect your personality. This will make your art work feel much more a part of you than it ever could, had it been picked from a book of random images or pictures on a wall.

Two Headed Dragon are pleased to be able to describe our service as being "individual and exclusive" as once drawn and agreed the finished THD design is instantly retired. We do not re-use our designs.

Therefore, employing THD to create your design guarantees that you will have a unique piece of artwork for your tattoo that will not be commercially reproduced elsewhere.