Tattoo Design 

Not sure what to have ?

Your design will be individually tailored to suit any theme you choose. Quite often we will receive requests for a design to feature a specific theme such as family, heritage, key life events or interests. Sometimes some quite "unconventional" requests but all can be catered for.

Rarely is the initial draft of a design exactly right first time. Any additional work or development to the design is included in the "one off" payment made when the design is undertaken ( See below)

Not sure where to put it ?

We believe that it is important to take account in the design process of the positioning of the tattoo or the shape of the body where the tattoo is to be placed.

We have in the past found it beneficial to use photographs of the part or parts of the body which are being considered for the placement of the  tattoo and then super-imposing the design that has been chosen or is being considered onto the photograph.

This then creates a mock up of how the design might look as a finished tattoo........  

                                        Outline super-imposed on photograph.  

This is also a useful way to decide how big the design should be as different versions can easily be reproduced by simply altering the size of the design imposed on the photograph.